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Is Microsoft Excel Obsolete?

Today's question comes from Quora: Based on the linked article (Confessions of an Excel addict), do you agree that MS Excel may fade? Why do you think so? What might be the best alternative? According to the article, Excel hasn’t changed but business has. I would ask, “How has business...


Conditional Formatting in Excel

Today's question comes from This is an interesting question! I like to use Conditional Formatting. People have a hard time reading numbers. You can use color to show trends or make comparisons, say High, Medium, and Low, or highlight specific information. Conditional...


MOS Certification: What Do I Need to Know?

What Do I Need to Know? The Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams ask you to demonstrate that you can find, format and update the tools in Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and SharePoint. The certification exams are project based, not multiple guess....


I LOVE Teaching Microsoft Office!

I ♥ Teaching Microsoft Office! Learn with us VISIT OUR SCHOOL AT TEACHABLEGET THE BOOKS AT AMAZON.COM Watch the Video on YouTube! I started teaching in 1984 with my Mighty Macintosh. When I began teaching Microsoft Office, I was surprised how many people recorded my classes and came...


MOS: Why Get Certified?

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification The Microsoft Office Specialist certification uses exam to validate that you have obtained specific skill sets within the applicable Microsoft Office programs included in the Microsoft Office Specialist Program. You can choose which exam(s) to take...


BETA Options: Content Release

Our Top Ten courses have a new content release program: DRIP. With DRIP programming, the lessons are released one day at a time. Students receive an email each day with a summary of the day’s goals and benefits. The emails also include an invitation to return to our course and enjoy the next...